And be patient for the sake of your Lord 74:3

Monday, July 11, 2011

12th of july, im 22!

salam..okay...sgt dh lame xtulis blog...sgt xde mase sblm ini...

im in my hometown right now
spending time with my love ones..
mommy and daddy

and right now marks my 22 years on this earth
the day i was born...

i would like to share with you this video from my favourite speaker brother nouman

 a birth day is always a good day to ponder upon the life u have been thru...

so many things have past

so many things have been learned...

the most thing to be grateful of is the gift of islam and iman..

alhamdulillahi rabbil alaminnn...

but yet

so much is not completed yet
attitude to be adjusted
things to understand
heart to be cleansed

honestly, for me.
for 22 years of my lifetime..
i've been a bad servant of Allah
i've have fulfill the right of my parents to be a good daughter..
and far more worst is..
i have done nothing big to spread islam to others..

may Allah help me to overcome the challeges i face right now, and for the future...
may my effort is proportional with the highest heaven 


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